• Office of Food and Nutrition Services

    Mr. James Gounaris
    School Lunch Manager 

    The Great Neck Public Schools participate in the National Child Nutrition program and provide nutritionally balanced meals to our students. Children need healthy meals to learn, which is why we offer healthy meals to our students every school day.

    Over the course of the pandemic, federal and state lawmakers supported meal waivers that enabled free meals for all students in public schools. Unfortunately, after multiple extensions, the waivers that permitted free meals have expired. The Great Neck Public School Food and Nutrition Department will be returning to the National School Lunch program in which families in need will be required to fill out applications for Free/Reduced priced meal status. Those families who do not qualify for Free/Reduced priced meals will need to pay full price for school meals. Pricing is as follows: Elementary-Breakfast $2.00, Lunch $3.00, Middle/High School-Breakfast $3.00, Lunch $3.25. A la carte and Kosher purchases will be available for students who have funds in the school lunch accounts only. The a la carte fees are $1.35 at the Pre-K and Elementary $1.60 at the Middle School and the High School levels for the Boars Head, Kosher pizza, chicken nugget and bagel meals). Free and Reduced Lunch applications are located on this web page on the right and also on the website mentioned below. 

    Please visit the Great Neck School District Food and Nutrition website, http://gnpsfoodandnutritionservices.org/  for access to our digital monthly menu, which includes nutrition and allergen information in multiple languages on all foods that we offer.



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