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  • Welcome to Lakeville's SEEK Program

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    Supporting Educational Exploration and Knowledge (SEEK) Program Description



    The SEEK Program provides advanced, extended instruction for students who meet the criteria of the program and who are consistently performing above grade level. SEEK fosters critical and creative thinking through rigorous challenges beyond the regular classroom curricula. Students engage in activities, projects, and assignments with increased depth and complexity. 


    SEEK Modules

    Three separate modules are offered for grades three through five: Literacy, Mathematics, and Innovations. Each SEEK module offers rigorous challenges in an inquiry- and project-based learning environment. The curriculum may vary year to year, based on new literature, new technologies/practices, and interests. All units are designed to extend and enrich learning beyond the classroom.


    SEEK Literacy modules may include: 

    - studying word meanings and creating and solving analogies 

    - participating in a novel study or author study through a book club or literature circle

    - writing fiction and non-fiction pieces inspired by a text or an author

    - exploring various genres of literature, including fantasy, folktales, and mythology

    - in depth study of novels, vocabulary, and writing craft


    SEEK Math modules may include:

    - studying different number systems

    - decomposing word problems and creating student-authored word problems

    - understanding the "why" behind mathematical algorithms

    - participating in a real-world project that applies mathematical concepts


    SEEK Innovations modules may include: 

    - using robotic technologies and coding to solve challenges

    - ideating solutions to a real-world problem and engaging in the engineering design process 

    - designing and creating inventions using a variety of resources and materials

    - participating in project-based challenges involving advanced mathematical and STEM concepts


    SEEK Identification

    SEEK is open to all children who meet the criteria indicated below and who consistently demonstrate mastery of grade level curriculum expectations. There is no set number of students admitted to the SEEK program, and the number of participating students varies from year to year. Students are reassessed annually in the spring and early fall to determine whether participation in SEEK will begin or continue.


    The sole, multiple criteria used to identify students for SEEK for grades 3, 4, and 5 are listed below:


    SEEK Literacy Eligibility:

    • Reading a full year above grade level (as determined by running records), and

    • Have scored a high 4 on the NY State ELA Assessment (when applicable), and

    • Score in the top percentile on additional standardized assessments given in school.*


    SEEK Math Eligibility:

    • Have scored a high 4 on the NY State Math Assessment (when applicable), and

    • Score in the top percentile on an additional standardized assessment given in school*, and

    • Earn a high score on a district-created problem-solving assessment.*


    SEEK Innovations Eligibility:

    • Have scored a high 4 on the NY State Math Assessment (when applicable), and

    • Score in the top percentile on an additional standardized assessment given in school.*


    For 3rd graders and other students who did not take the NY State Assessments in the previous school year, classroom, local, and proprietary standardized measures from early to mid-fall are used to determine whether or not a student is eligible to participate in one or more SEEK experiences.


    SEEK teachers work closely with classroom teachers in a variety of ways to provide professional development for differentiated instruction within the classroom, resulting in enriched curricula for all students whether or not they are eligible for and participate in SEEK.


    *There is no set cut-off percentage related to performance on these assessments.