• Welcome to the Parkville School Library

    Library Media Specialist: Ms. Denitza Appelbaum
    Library TA: Ms. Elizabeth Natter

    Parkville Library

    The goal of the Parkville Library Media Center is to promote literacy and a lifelong love of reading among all students.

    • In library students learn about: proper book care, concepts of print, authors & illustrators, and various genres of literature including: biographies, fiction, nonfiction, folktales, fairytales, and poetry. 
    • Information literacy skills and technology integration are essential parts of the library curriculum.
    • Throughout the school year students are exposed to a variety of interactive technologies in addition to cultivating their love of reading.

    Come In

    If you are a dreamer
    Come in.

    If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a trier
    A hoper, a prayer, a magic bean buyer...

    If you're a pretender
    Come sit by my fire.

    For we have some bright golden tales to spin...

    Come in!
    Come in!

    -Shel Silverstein