Welcome to Science



    Ms. Janene Rowland


    Science beakers with colored liquid and a cloud

    As the Science consultant at Saddle Rock, it is my hope to weave science instruction with real life. The Great Neck Science Curriculum is based on the NY State Science Standards and is a spiraling program, where concepts are taught and re-taught through different experiences and activities. Lessons include hands-on labs, which incorporate the scientific method in order to help foster problem solving skills.

    My wish is  for all children to develop a healthy and confident approach to science, where they appreciate and enjoy nature, respect life, as well as question and investigate their environment. Children are curious about science and nature and often come to class with questions about their everyday environment. At times, these questions guide my instruction and allow for wonderful discussions to happen. Science instruction is continually revisited throughout a Saddle Rock scientist’s career. In addition, instruction is supplemented and enriched in the classrooms by the classroom teacher when students are not working in the science lab themselves.

    Each day the children come to science with many funny stories, inquisitive questions, and interesting tidbits of scientific information. It’s a delight to see their curiosity and hear them engaging in scientific dialogue. I truly enjoy teaching science and it is my pleasure to be the Saddle Rock Science Teacher

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  -- Mahatma Ghandi