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    Our overarching goal this year was to renovate a garden dedicated to a former Saddle Rock student, Zachary Portnoy. Students, administrators, parents and staff members have all been contributing to our project. In addition to the renovation of the garden, we have also been working on creating a "Mindfulness Stream" where we are displaying fish pavers that students and members of our district have painted based on the book
    Only One You by Linda Kranz.

    The committee has also continued the goal of "Embracing Cultures" by showcasing different cultures and celebrations throughout the year on our TV display in the lobby. 


    Luciana Bradley
    Danielle Fagan
    Jennifer Green
    Chad Lasky
    Anthony Iacovelli
    Wendy Mamberg
    Michael Mensch
    Renee Remi
    Meryl Rosenblum
    Lauren Thompson


    Keren Crispin
    Mimi Hu
    Yunyoung Park
    Kevin Sun
    Yi Tian
    Rozalin Wise
    Karen Yuen