• Things to Know - Just for NMS Students!

    Students - whether you're new to North Middle School or have been here a while, everything you NEED TO KNOW is here! 

  • Things to Know

    Is it a Day A or Day B? 

    Check out the calendar to know what day it is! 

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    Access Books Online with the Sora App


    You can access books online with the Sora App.  Visit the Library page for more information.  

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    Extra Help and Testing Schedule

    Click here to know when to attend extra help or when your teachers will be assigning tests!

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    Guidance and Counseling Center

    Visit the guidance and counseling center webpage. We're here for you! You can also make an appointment to see a counselor on the site! 

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    Join a Club or Activity

    Join a club or activity. Click here to learn more!

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    Join a Sport

    Join a Sport. Click here to find out more!

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    6th Grade - Period 4

    7th Grade - Period 6

    8th Grade - Period 5

    Click here to see the lunch menu!

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