Image of scantron test

    Major tests are permitted to be given on the following days, but quizzes or spot assessments that are less than 10 (ten) minutes in length may be given on any day. The test days for the 2022-2023 school year are:

    Monday:                      English, Math, and Health

    Tuesday:                      Foreign Language, Science, and Art/Music 

    Wednesday:                Math, Business, and Health

    Thursday:                    Science and Social Studies

    Friday:                         Foreign Language and Business 


    English and social studies have an additional “floating” test day that can be used for the type of written assessments often used in these disciplines, typically requiring little to no preparation.


    If a student is absent for an exam, he/she/they must be prepared to take the assessment upon his/her/their return. A student with an unexcused absence for an assessment forfeits the right to make up the exam. It should be stressed that the goal for all students is to take exams as scheduled. If an exam is missed for unavoidable reasons, taking the make-up exam must take precedence over any other activity or appointment in the students’ schedule.