• Whether You're a Current Student or Prospective Student...

    Here are some things your peers think you should know about Village School


    • Everyone, no matter his or her specific situation, is accepted. You will fit in no matter where you come from.
    • Teachers are very caring and fun to work with!
    • Teachers are approachable and they want you to learn and succeed.
    • If you show up every day and put in your greatest effort, you will reach your goals - whether it's something small like getting better in a certain class, or something big- like being accepted to your first choice college.
    • It's a very friendly atmosphere here-- students and teachers are on a first name basis
    • Be forewarned! All classes are on one side of the building and only one class is on the other side.

    Principal and student on school trip    students in caps and gowns   students on field trip