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    Email sent Thursday, February 24, 2022
    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Good evening! This is a very exciting email! It's the start of the countdown to showtime! I have a LOT of information to share, so save this email for a time when you can dedicate a few minutes to read it carefully.  We are officially less than a month away from curtain call and the excitement is like no other.  For our 8th graders, it might just be the first time they're performing live on stage at NMS.  This is hard to believe.  Our show literally got canceled a week before we were set to take the stage.  So, this is truly exciting for all involved! Ok here we go.... read carefully!  (This information will also be on the NMSTC website.)
    It's time! Ticket buying time! Starting Tuesday, March 1st at 3pm, tickets for Descendants will go on sale!  For all ticket requests (in person or ordered online), one family ticket will be issued to each cast/crew member for ONE of the performances, either Wednesday, March 23 or Thursday, March 24.  This family ticket is the only ticket used for entry to the show. There will be two ways to purchase tickets: In person and online.  
    Option #1) Have your child return the attached form to me at rehearsal in the auditorium starting Tuesday, March 1st at 3pm and up until Monday, March 21st. It should be completed with all the required information filled in along with cash or check payable to NMS Theatre Company in the amount of $10 per ticket requested.  You'll purchase the desired number of tickets for general admission (up to 4) and then I will assign seats and a physical family ticket will be issued to your child through me.  (Extra copies of these forms are available in Google Classroom.)
    Option #2) BUY ONLINE!  Log onto the NMSTC ticket sales page on the NMSTC website and click the links to purchase tickets on your own starting Tuesday, March 1st at 3pm until Monday, March 21st.  You'll purchase the desired number of tickets (up to 4) for general admission for one evening or the other and then I will assign seats. A physical family ticket will be issued to your child through me.  (Note: The tickets you receive online will not be valid for entry.  Only the physical family ticket issued through me will be accepted for entry.)

    Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.  Sales will end on Monday, March 21st. Seats will be issued on a first come, first served basis with best seats assigned to those that purchase tickets first.  Once seats are sold out for a particular evening, only the available seats will be sold for the remaining date.  Therefore ORDER EARLY for your best chance for the best seats on your preferred evening!  

    Note: Due to current Covid policies and the need for social distancing at the time of writing this email and planning seating for this event, only ONE night performance can be chosen for purchasing tickets, with up to 4 tickets per cast/crew member. Please choose either Wednesday or Thursday performance and up to 4 tickets. (I will not split the ticket request over two nights.) This is the best way to expedite what will be a monumental task with hundreds of seats to assign.  I hope you can understand and respect our decision to remain as it is written here.  If by chance Covid policies change between now and the show, this will not change planned seating and number of tickets sold per cast/crew member.  

    Other News and Reminders: 
    Tech Weeks Schedule
    The remaining rehearsal schedules are up on the NMSTC website.  As you know, during tech weeks, absences and excusals from rehearsals are not permitted.  Please arrange for rescheduling of events, lessons, classes, etc. during this time.  During tech weeks, our rehearsals will run until 6pm.  There is a 6pm bus that will drop students off directly at home, so if you don't arrive to pick up your child on time, please know, they will be asked to take the bus.  Click here for the entire rehearsal schedule.
    Transportation: For the Sunday rehearsals, there is no bus transportation, so please arrange for carpooling to and from NMS.  There also isn't transportation home after our final dress rehearsal on Monday, 3/21 or on the nights of the show.   To make it easy to plan, here are the special rehearsals that do not have transportation
    • Sunday, March 6th - 12:00pm - 5:00pm
    • Sunday, March 13th - 11:00am - 5:00pm
    • Sunday, March 20th - 10:00am - 5:00pm
    • Monday, March 21st - 3:20pm - 8:00pm (we will serve dinner to students - volunteers needed, see below)
    • Wednesday, March 23rd - curtain call 5:30pm (some will need to come at 5pm) - show expected to end around 9:30pm
    • Thursday, March 24th - curtain call 5:30pm (some will need to come at 5pm) - show expected to end around 9:30pm
    All other week day rehearsals will run until 6pm after next week (starting 3/7) and students will have the opportunity to take the 6pm bus home if not picked up on time. 
    Just before this winter break, I sent an email and posted in Google Classroom the complete costume list.  I hope you had the chance to review it and start collecting what is needed.  Remember, if something is coded as SP, that means the school will provide it as part of our fundraising budget.  You can view the complete list here and it's also posted in Google Classroom: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WB7UFQj-UFCExz54KMhTb4ah7_U8NNm7hiRPCg31_m4/edit?usp=sharing.  Costumes will be due by Sunday, March 13th.   In our dressing room backstage, each cast member will be given a cubby to keep their costumes and personal belongings in. We also have a clothing rack to hang clothes, but please provide hangers.  Our costume designer, Mrs. Kroll, will be at the Sunday rehearsals starting 3/13 to check in with cast members about their costumes.  If you have any questions, you can reach out to her before then.  Her email is listed on page one of the costume list. 
    Crew members must wear all black on the nights of the show.  They will also be given a cubby to store personal belongings.  
    During our shows, students are not permitted to be on their cell phones or other electronic devices so they'll be able to store them in their cubby. 
    Rehearsal Dinner - Volunteers are needed!
    Prior to Covid, it has been tradition that we host a nice, catered dinner on the night of our final dress rehearsal.  We serve pizza, pasta, salad and more for the entire cast, crew, and musical team to enjoy between run throughs of our show.  We have over 80 mouths to feed and could use a little help serving everyone.  If any parents would like to come and help volunteer on Monday, March 21st, please let me know. 
    Bottled Water Needed
    Singing and dancing can take a toll and we go through a lot of water.  If anyone would like to donate cases of bottled water for us to serve during rehearsals and on the nights of the show, it would be greatly appreciated.  You can simply put my name on a case of water and leave it by the drop off table in the NMS lobby and let me know it's there.  I'll deliver it to students in the auditorium to use over the coming weeks. THANK YOU!!!
    Academics are the #1 Priority
    Lastly, once we return to school on Monday, I'll be emailing the entire faculty/staff of NMS to alert them to our rigorous rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks.  Since day one, we have always maintained that academics come first.  For some in the cast and crew, they might start to slip with assignments and grades and we don't want that to happen.  I want to remind you that we don't start rehearsal for the first 30 minutes after dismissal.  Students are expected to attend extra help, go to the HW center for a quiet place to work, and whenever there's downtime during rehearsal, their focus should be on HW and studying.  If you notice that your child is not doing their part, have a discussion with them.  Keep me in the loop.  I will be asking all teachers to do the same - to let me know if they notice a drop in academic performance.  This next month will be demanding on your child's schedule, so the more we can do to stay ahead of their academic responsibilities, the better they will be. 


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