• 10th Grade Courses
    This second course in the New York State three-year sequence for Mathematics will introduce students to the study of geometric relationships. Reasoning and proof will be used formally and informally to illustrate concepts and solve problems. Regents exam required.

    1 unit of credit

    Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 1
    Students recommended by their Algebra 1 teacher as needing additional instruction to master the concepts of Geometry will take this class which is an extra period of Math on alternating days.

    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation
    This course is designed for students whose performance in Algebra has been consistently above average and who possess keen mathematical insight. The Geometry content from the New York State syllabus will be covered in depth and with enrichment. Regents exam required.

    1 unit of credit
    Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra 1 with a minimum course grade of 90, a minimum of 90 on the Algebra Regents, and teacher recommendation.