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3D Printed Tic-Tac-Toe Games

  • Students in grades three through five have been working on crafting inventive solutions for a 3D-printed Tic-Toe-Toe board, which will be presented as a thoughtful gift to members of our community.  ​Baker students hope to donate the Tic-Tac-Toe boards to the Great Neck Social Center, the Atria, and the Hance Family Foundation Toy Drive. Additionally, our fifth graders are eagerly looking forward to meeting with their Parkville School buddies to play a few games with the kindergartners and present the boards as a gift to the classes. Furthermore, these boards will be shared with other classes at Baker, allowing them to be utilized during recess.

Digital Citizenship

  • What does good digital citizenship look like? Students at Baker are engaged in ongoing conversations learning about online safety and how to create a positive digital footprint.

Baker's STEAM Activities

  • students with robot

    Students in Mrs. Greenspoon's class are enjoying working with their fifth grade mentors in Ms. Schmidt and Ms. Hickey's fifth grade class. The students have been working together using the engineering process to design and code patterns, which they executed with the Finch robots.

    students with robot

Robotics and Coding Across the Grades

  • Vietnam veterans of Nassau county visited students in grades three through five. The veterans discussed their roles and experiences. Students listened attentively and asked great questions. We thank these special men for their service. 


  • All Baker students enjoyed a fun and informative school assembly presented by the Great Neck Alert Fire Company. Topics such as fire prevention and how to remain safe during an emergency were discussed. The children also had the opportunity to view the fire trucks and watch the water cannons and fire hoses in use! We are so grateful to the entire Alert Fire Company for their service, time, and partnership with EMB! 


More School Highlights

  • students on carpet viewing lesson

    All Baker students met with Mrs. Malfi or Mrs. Hoshino to learn about safe iPad habits and use. Pictured here is Ms. Banyon's kindergarten class.

    student adding paper tooth to board

    Students celebrate a lost tooth with Baker's Health Team! When a child loses a tooth, they are invited to visit the nurse's office, rinse, and choose a container. Students add a paper tooth with their name to the JAWSOME board!

    plants in garden

    Spring 2023

    garden bed

    Fall 2023

    A collaborative effort between the Baker Shared Decision Making Committee, Baker PTO, local Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troops, classroom teachers, parents, and students, has made a long-awaited dream come true! Parent members of the committee together with teachers and students from two fourth-grade classrooms, helped to plant seeds, grow seedlings, and transfer plants into the garden planters. Some vegetables and herbs that have been planted are snap peas, cilantro, lettuce, kale, basil, radishes, squash, bush beans, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and marigolds. Look how much it's grown! Over the summer, parent volunteers maintained the community garden.  We look forward to making more donations to allow for healthy food distribution to Great Neck families.