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NMS has a new mascot!

North Middle School Gets a New Mascot Soon!

This spring, students at North Middle School were encouraged to enter a school-wide Mascot Logo Contest!  Around 30 entries were received and the Shared Decision Making Committee met with semi-finalists before making their final decision on finalists.  On May 18th, the entire school voted on which design they thought would make the best mascot for our school.  The 3 finalists were Hannah Fishman, Victoria Guan and Lan Zheng, all 8th graders.  The winning design was created by Lan Zheng.  Congratulations to all 3 for their amazing designs and especially to Lan who will see her design on t-shirts, water bottles, sports uniforms and more for years to come!

NMS Blazers Mascot


The contest started in February with a bulletin board announcing the contest.  In addition, the history of our current mascot was revealed.  Not many knew the whole story. It was the hope that students will feel more connected to Blaze the Goat, now that he has a backstory for us to know and with a new design, it will help strengthen our school spirit.  

Image of NMS Bulletin board: What is North Middle School's Mascot? and posters with text describing the story


Image of entries for mascot logo contest on bulletin board