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7th grade STAR students

Star Student banner

STAR student: 

Every month each of the three seventh grade teams chooses a STAR of the Month.  The STAR of the Month is one who is committed to the four tenets of STARdom:

  • S - Studious
  • T - Truthful
  • A - Altruistic
  • R - Responsible 

A pizza party is held twice a year to celebrate the students who earn this wonderful honor.


2018-19 Winners

  • September:
    • Team Hero: Kelly H.
    • Team Wonder: Shira L. 
    • Team Voyager: Julia Z. 
  • October:
    • Team Hero: Jeremy C. 
    • Team Wonder: Michael K. 
    • Team Voyager: Michael A.
  • November:
    • Team Hero: Sara-Mariya T.
    • Team Wonder: Olivia L. 
    • Team Voyager: Kelly M. 
  • December:
    • Team Hero: Matthew G.
    • Team Wonder: Michael D. 
    • Team Voyager: Francesco V.
  • January:
    • Team Hero: Adrielle K.
    • Team Wonder: Sophia L.
    • Team Voyager: Isabelle E.
  • February:
    • Team Hero: Brian L.
    • Team Wonder: Kairi W.
    • Team Voyager: Shannon E. 
  • March:
    • Team Hero: Jacqueline H.
    • Team Wonder: Brian D. 
    • Team Voyager: Kaileanna Y.
  • April:
    • Team Hero: Kanzah H.
    • Team Wonder: Abbey K.
    • Team Voyager: Julian D. 
  • May: 
    • Team Hero: Aymin F. 
    • Team Wonder: Bernice W. 
    • Team Voyager: Jubilee K. 
  • June:
    • Team Hero: Anton G. 
    • Team Wonder: Isabella C.
    • Team Voyager: Rain G.