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Great Neck South Student Showcased Coastal Photography at Library Exhibit



South High Student, Rain Gan, a senior in Ms. Stancati's Advanced Placement 2-D Design class, had a solo exhibit of his photographs on display at the Great Neck Library.



Chongrun, also known as "Rain", a high school senior student attending Willian A Shine, Great Neck South High School, has a profound passion for photography.  Rain specializes in capturing the beauty of landscapes and the facinating world of wildlife.  The exhibition featured a collection of photographs, including a striking snowy owl, a majestic osprey, a regal bald eagle, two graceful hammingbirds, and four stunning sunrise scenes, each adorned with its unique and vibrant colors.  Through Rain's lens, the wonders of nature come to life, and his artistic vision shines brightly in his work.