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Science Olympiad Teams Win at Nassau Regionals


 All Three Science Olympiad Teams Win
at Nassau Regionals


science olympiad team


Our three Science Olympiad teams (Team A, Team B, Team C) competed at the Nassau Regionals this past weekend.  When students first join the Science Olympiad Club they are on either the B or C team (these teams are equivalent). If they perform well they move to Team A, which is our premier team. 

Placement at Regionals:
Team A - 1st Place
Team B - 5th Place
Team C - 6th Place
(out of 39 Teams)
The top four teams are invited to states. Therefore, our A-team will be heading to the state's competition in March. The coaches are Jim Truglio and Nicole Spinelli.
Club President: Jennifer Wang
Vice: Michael Lu
Secretary: Anthony Zhan
Treasurer: Veronica Khim
A-team captain: Katherine Hui
B-team captain: Ethan Wang
C-team captain: William Yan
Other A-team Members: Kallista Zhuang, Joelle Siong Sin, Jooha Gha, Allison Zhang, Somya Pathak, Bradley He, Tom Huang