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New Classes for Spring and Summer

A Happier You
Abstract Painting
Advanced Portraiture: Painting with Models
American Sign Language
Archaeology: The World of Etruscans
Art History: A Study of the Impressionists
Art History: Post-Impressionists
Beginner Yiddish
Celebrating the Artistry of Richard Rodgers
Chakra Balancing and Color Therapy
Classic Comedy Teams of the Movies
Coco Chanel - The Woman, the Legend
Creative Belly Dance
FDR and the New Deal
Figure drawing
Founding Fathers: The Age of Jackson
From Gothic Short Story to Cinematic Reality
Guitar for Beginners
Introduction to Printmaking
Jazz Too!
"Kraslice": The Art & Beauty of Egg Decoration
Oh My Aching Back
Portraiture: All Levels
Prelude to War
Presidents of the Jazz Age!
Seated Qi Gong Exercise
Shakespeare: Several Major Tragedies
Sketching Techniques
Slow Read: Absalom, Absalom
Spanish: Advanced Review
Spanish: Advanced VI
Spanish: Beginner Review
Television Comedy of the 1950's
The Art of Aromatherapy: Summer Essentials
The Darker Side of Genius - Alfred Hitchcock &
Film Noir
The MET: Exploring Chinese Culture through
the Metropolitan Museum of Art
World Literature: Modern Fantasy
World War II
Yiddish Intermediate