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Open Classrooms




Hello Everyone,
Above is a link to our "Open Classrooms" Calendar.  The guidelines and directions that we shared with you at the faculty meeting are listed below.


  • This program is purely teacher driven, designed, and implemented.  
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Teachers may opt to visit other classrooms even if they are not comfortable with someone visiting their classroom.
  • Positive feedback is welcome after a classroom visit
  • No negative feedback or suggestions may be provided


  • If you wish to open your classroom for others to visit, please add the following information to the calendar:
  • Name
  • Period/s
  • Room Number
  • Grade/Subject
  • Topic
  • Number of teachers that may visit (optional)


  • After adding to the calendar or making any changes to your information on the calendar, please notify me through email.
  • If the date is tentative because you are unsure of the pace of your class, write “Tentative Date” above your name and notify any teachers who sign up after changing the date.  Please also contact teachers who have signed up if you will be absent unexpectedly.
  • If you wish to see a lesson that was listed on the calendar, please write your name below the information that was provided by that teacher.  Make note of how many teachers are welcome in the classroom that day, and put a number before your name when you sign up.
  • An email will be sent to to all staff whenever a new "visit" date is added
  • Updates and reminders of upcoming opportunities to visit classrooms will be sent to the faculty on a weekly basis. These will always include the calendar link
Thank you,