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Security Presentation Message from the Superintendent of Schools

Recent tragedies across our nation—including the mass shootings in a Pittsburg synagogue and a California nightclub—remind us that no public place is immune to heartbreaking acts of violence. The safety of our students and staff has always been our number one priority. Our efforts have been strengthened through security enhancements at our buildings and the addition of specialists, including more security guards and school psychologists, to help ensure a safe learning environment for every student.

This past spring, the Great Neck Public Schools retained an independent firm to evaluate the district’s security measures. Mr. Michael Balboni, the President and Managing Director of RedLand Strategies will present the results of this security audit at the Board of Education meeting on November 29, 2018.  The Board meeting is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. at Parkville School, located at 10 Campbell St. in New Hyde Park.

The security assessment presentation will also be available on the district website immediately following the Board meeting. For copies of Board presentations, please visit

Every resident plays a vital role in the safety of our school community—whether by following security protocols when visiting our facilities, or by reporting suspicious activity to our district security department (516-441-4911) and/or local law enforcement. Thank you for your continued vigilance in helping to keep our schools safe.


Dr. Teresa Prendergast

Superintendent of Schools