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Board Announces Capital Projects Proposition

The Great Neck Board of Education has announced that a capital projects proposition will be presented for a public vote on Tuesday, Dec. 3. The capital projects proposition would allow the District to utilize existing funds from the District’s unassigned fund balance for the construction of new classrooms at E.M. Baker School and Lakeville School.

Voters must authorize the District to transfer funds from the unassigned fund balance into the capital fund for the purpose of these improvement projects. Residents should be aware that by authorizing the District to appropriate fund balance in this manner, the final cost to taxpayers will be $0. 

At the Board of Education meeting on Sept. 16, Board President Barbara Berkowitz explained how continued growth in student enrollment has created the need for additional classroom space at Baker and Lakeville schools: “From the time period beginning on July 1, after the close of the school year, right up to September 12, we netted an increase of 276 additional students by the opening of school. Seventy-seven additional students were added between just two schools: E.M. Baker and Lakeville elementary schools.”

The scope of the proposed capital projects includes the construction of a new wing at Baker School that will accommodate six new classrooms, and an addition to the east wing at Lakeville School that will accommodate two new classrooms. These sites in the two buildings were chosen because the construction will be the least disruptive to the everyday instruction in each building, and these areas can best accommodate the additions. The total cost of these projects, not to exceed $9,749,469.00, will be funded completely from fund balance.

“The important thing to know, besides the fact that there’s a real need for these projects, is that the money for it will be appropriated from the District’s unassigned fund balance, and that there’s no additional cost to be incurred by our taxpaying public,” added Ms. Berkowitz.

The vote for the capital projects proposition will take place on Dec. 3 during the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the District’s four polling locations: E.M. Baker School, Lakeville School, Saddle Rock School, and South High School.

Additional details regarding plans for these capital projects will be presented at the next Board of Education meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 8:30 p.m. at E.M. Baker School, located at 69 Baker Hill Rd.