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Great Neck Students Shine at WAC Lighting Science Fair

Thirty-nine students from the Great Neck Public Schools received awards at the 2023 WAC Lighting Foundation Invitational Science Fair, hosted by Commack High School on April 23. This annual science fair is organized by the Research Association, a consortium of teachers from 13 area schools, and sponsored by WAC Lighting.

Science research projects presented by students from North High School (NHS) and South High School (SHS) earned awards in eight of the nine categories of competition:

Behavioral & Social Science: Logan Ye (NHS), honorable mention; Sue Zhang (NHS), honorable mention.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: Eric Sodhi (SHS), first place; Megan Chin-Lam Chan and Jacqueline Han (SHS), second place; Shira Lichter and Myra Saeed (SHS), honorable mention.

Chemistry: David Levy (SHS), honorable mention; Jin Hui (Justin) Tao and Qian Wei (SHS), honorable mention.

Computer Science & Modeling: Richard Xu and Yifu Zuo (SHS), first place; Alexander Xu and Sarah Sun (SHS), second place; Colin Hu and Anant Gupta (SHS), honorable mention; Ashley Hui and Julia Zou (SHS), honorable mention.

Earth & Environmental Sciences: Amanda Shi (SHS), first place; Katie Ng (NHS), third place; Zoe Chan and Joanne Lee (SHS), third place; Katharine Park and Michael Leung (NHS), honorable mention; Allie Kam and Kirin Chan (SHS), honorable mention.

General Biology: Nicole Yeroushalmi (NHS), second place; Emma Wen and Zoe Chung (NHS), honorable mention.

Medicine & Health: Brandon Kim and Helen Tang (SHS), second place; Nikki Jiang and Melody Song (SHS), honorable mention; Kira Nguyen and Ashley Wei (SHS), honorable mention.

Physics & Astronomy: Luke Huang and Yida Pan (SHS), first place; Tiffany Zhang (SHS), second place; Kenneth Chang (SHS), honorable mention.

North High science research teachers/advisors are Christopher Bambino, Alison Widawsky, and Jessica York, department chair. South High science research teachers/advisors are Nicole Spinelli and Dr. James Truglio.