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North Middle Wins National Vocabulary Bowl

For the second consecutive year, North Middle School has been crowned Division II Champions in the national Vocabulary Bowl, sponsored by

North Middle students mastered 171,689 words this school year to become back-to-back champions in the Division II elementary/middle school category of this competition. “Much like last season, the Blazers got off to a strong start and maintained a commanding lead throughout,” reads an announcement on the website. 

North Middle students learned the most new words of any middle school (grades 6–8) with 500–999 students, thus earning the Middle School Division II Championship title.

In addition to their Division II title, North Middle placed fourth nationally out of all middle schools that competed in the 2019–20 Vocabulary Bowl, and tenth overall out of more than 40,000 schools representing grades K–12 in the United States and Canada.

North Middle placed at the top of the competition in New York State, as the first-place winners in the elementary/middle school category, and second-place among all schools in New York.

The Vocabulary Bowl is a competition in which students master new words to score points for their school. North Middle’s participation in the Vocabulary Bowl is organized by the school’s English/reading department.