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Students Excel on National French Exam

A total of 48 high school students from North and South high schools have been recognized for their outstanding scores on the National French Exam (Le Grand Concours), Nassau County Level. This annual competition is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.

Winners are awarded platinum, gold, silver, bronze, or honorable mention based on their performance as compared to other students in the same grade and course level. Joanna Asvestas is the French teacher at North High, and Geraldine Finazzo is the French teacher at South High.

Level 2A

North High award winners: Anna Beauchesne, gold; Stephany Barbu, silver; Gabrielle Feder, silver; Jacqueline Park, silver; Brandon Tehrani, silver; and Rachel Bagim, bronze. Honorable mention: Vian Hwang, Renee Lan, Jaime Nakache, and Brandon Torkian.

South High award winners: Xinyi (Angela) Wu, silver; and Audrey Huang, silver.

Level 3A

North High award winners: Katherine Sun, silver; Ava Assaraf, bronze. Honorable mention: Michaela Damaghi, Justin Farajollah, Sophie Frenkel, Joshua Schoenman, Eddie Wong, Yo-Jia Hu (Anjelica Wu) Tang, and Alex Zhuang.

South High award winners: David Feuer, platinum; Cooper Brown, gold; Emma Maliar, gold; Brayden Chien, silver; Amanda Roth, silver; Samantha Zeltser, silver; Kan Heng (Martin) Lin, bronze; and Sophia Liu, bronze.

Level 3E

South High award winners: Joshua Rabbani, silver; and Amber Sun, silver.

Level 4A

North High award winners: Natasha Khazzam, gold; Julia Huang, gold; Rudy Beauchesne, silver; and Trinity Wu, silver. Honorable mention: Simon Adjakple, Cheri Chu, Jordan Park, Harrison Rich, Adin Salim, and Christopher Yang.

South High award winners: Mengyu (Amy) Wu, gold; and Alexander Voses, bronze. Honorable mention: Ella Li and Robin Ren.

Level 5A

North High honorable mention: Adam Sanders, Joane Sarfati, and Lauren Victory.