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South High Team Wins Fed Challenge

Zoom screenshot of Fed Challenge team members and faculty advisor

A team from South High School has won the High School Fed Challenge, an academic paper competition sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The team’s award-winning paper will be published in the 2021 Journal of Future Economists.

Team members are Jing Deng, Kevin Ou Yang, Katelyn Wang, and John Xie. Their faculty advisor is Sydney Gilbert, English teacher at South High.

The theme of this year’s Fed Challenge competition was Economic Inequality. The team’s paper, “Impacts of Financial Literacy on Income Inequality: How do Education and Economic Opportunities Matter?”, is one of 12 academic papers from the tri-state area that will be featured the 2021 Journal of Future Economists.

Over the course of two months, team members worked together to formulate a topic, conduct research, gather information, and perform calculations. The students also consulted with a mentor in the finance sector to gain a better understanding of financial matters. They met weekly with Ms. Gilbert to review, edit, and proofread their paper.

The High School Fed Challenge is an educational program that encourages participation in economic studies and careers. The competition is open to students in grades 9–12 within the Federal Reserve’s Second District.