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Chamber Music Recital at North High

Chamber ensemble musicians holding their instruments

North High School will hold its Chamber Music Recital on Wednesday, April 17, beginning at 7:30 p.m., in the school library, 35 Polo Road.

The recital will feature 40 dedicated high school musicians who participate in before-school and after-school rehearsals several days each week—in addition to their daily band or orchestra classes—to study with their chamber groups. Students will perform under the direction of Joseph Rutkowski, instrumental music director.

“Chamber music is the one of the most intimate yet sophisticated of all genres of music performance,” explains Mr. Rutkowski. “The subtle nonverbal dialogue, which must be maintained in the rehearsals and throughout the performance, is difficult to describe.”

The public is warmly invited to attend this free recital for what promises to be an outstanding evening of chamber music. For more information, contact Mr. Rutkowski at