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Fifth Graders at Lakeville Present Ancient Civilizations Wax Museum

Ms. DuVoisin's fifth-grade class at Lakeville present an Ancient Civilizations Wax Museum.

Ms. DuVoisin's fifth-grade class at Lakeville presented an Ancient Civilizations Wax Museum, where parents and fellow fifth graders were invited to step back in time to learn more about the three most dominant and advanced civilizations that developed in the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans. 

Following lessons about complex societies and civilizations in the western hemisphere, students were asked to choose one of three civilizations they were most interested in learning more about: Inca, Aztec, and Maya. During writing workshop, students wrote projects on their civilization and researched the daily life of a member of that society.

Students prepared speeches that were presented to their classmates, designed posters, and finally, created costumes and transformed into "wax figures" of a member of their chosen society. Wax museum figures came to life to answer pre-written questions created by each student.

This wax museum was a culminating activity for a month-long unit in both social studies and writing workshop.