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Parkville Folk Dance Festival Goes Virtual

Students standing in a cirlce in the gymnasium follw the lead of their music teacher and tap rhythm sticks together

This year’s Folk Dance Festival at Parkville is going virtual! Just before the Spring Recess, music teacher Mrs. Golub and Coach Smith led Kindergartners through the final rehearsals in preparation for their upcoming performances. Students have been practicing their dance moves in a socially-distanced manner in school, and they’re excited to perform for their families at home.

Over the Spring Recess, students will record the dance moves with their grown-ups at home and submit their videos on Seesaw. Parkville classes will watch the recorded performances in school after the break. This year’s dances include Gahu from Ghana, an Australian Stick Dance, Fjäskern from Sweden, and Te Ve Orez from Israel.


Students kick their legs as they follow the dance moves shown by their music teacher.