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District Welcomes New Faculty

At the orientation held prior to the opening of the Great Neck Public Schools, new faculty were welcomed by Board of Education President Rebecca Sassouni and Trustee Donna Peirez; Superintendent Dr. Teresa Prendergast; Assistant Superintendents Dr. Joseph Hickey, Dr. Stephen Lando, Kelly Newman, and John Powell; Great Neck Teachers Association (GNTA) President James Daszenski; Association of Supervisors and Administrators (SAGES) President Stephen Goldberg; and other administrators.

Group photo of new elementary faculty members accomapnied by board trustees and administrators

New elementary faculty (photographed above) are: Christina Bonadonna, Grace Chai, and Kristen Turnow-Heintz at E.M. Baker School; Christina Caruso, Ai-Huei Chang-Lau, Courtney Cox, and Kelly Boland Hohne at John F. Kennedy School; Mariana Elnakib and Angela Torrance at Lakeville School; Shannon Murphy and Sara Papasodero at Parkville Schol; and Conor Reilly and Emily Roach at Saddle Rock School.

Group photo of new secondary faculty members accompanied by board trustees and administrators

New secondary faculty (photographed above) are: Leonard Antinori, Chan Chen, Helen Chung, Neil Epstein, Brenden Fitzpatrick, Sydney Gilbert, Alison Hoge, Michael McDermott, Eric Saur, Loren Tunick, and Andrew Wagner at North High; Samantha Bindrim, Loriana Demirciyan, Scott Feldman, Brooke Florio, and Catherine Leung at South High; Alexandra Bellini, Andrew Buchbinder, Cara Jeshiva, Daniella Malliae, Melissa L. Sephton, Valerie Szuster, Ann J. Wang, and Lin Wang at North Middle; Jessie Sabino, Rachel Shapiro, Taylor Zuckerman, and Nathan Won at South Middle; and Christina Becker at the SEAL program.

Additionally, the Pupil Personnel Department welcomes the following new staff members: Elena Byrne, Stacey Egenthal, Karin Hoesl, Brittany Janowitz, and Michelle Mallalieu.