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South Middle Students Participate in No Place for Hate Kickoff Event

Members of the South Middle Adolescent Advocates program hold the school's No Place for Hate banner

On Oct. 6, student representatives at South Middle School participated in a nationwide Anti-Defamation League (ADL) No Place for Hate kickoff event featuring Inaugural poet and activist Amanda Gorman.

During the virtual event, students across the country listened as Ms. Gorman spoke about the importance of being an ally and a change maker. South Middle participants included students who are part of the school’s Adolescent Advocates program, as well as Principal Dr. Gina Cartolano and No Place for Hate faculty advisors Katie Dervin and Kirsten Kuhn. Participating schools received a copy of Ms. Gorman’s newest book, “Change Sings,” as well as activity ideas and discussion starters to extend and inspire positive change.

The ADL No Place for Hate program provides a model for combating bullying, racism, and prejudice. Schools are recognized by the ADL on an annual basis for demonstrating their commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting respect. South Middle, North Middle, and North High schools in the Great Neck Public School District all earned the highest designation as Gold Star No Place for Hate Schools for the 2020–21 school year.