Future Cities 2019

Winning students holding their certificates & trophies


  • On Saturday, 1/19, South Middle Science Research students Arthur Z., Richard O., and Ivan X. earned 5th place at the regional Future City Competition held in NYC. The​ Future City competition includes more than 40,000 middle school students from across the world. Future City requires students to collaboratively solve authentic, real-world problems. This year, students had to design/plan a city that would survive a natural disaster. Our students choose a hurricane, our most pressing natural disaster on Long Island. To demonstrate their plan, students had to design a simulated city using computer aided design program and construct an actual 3-d model.  The students were led by the science research teacher, Dr. Doris Stanick. The competition invited teams from all over the New York City area.  Congratulations to the students for their excellent work and may it be the catalyst that leads these students to solve the problems of tomorrow.