Are the instructional programs the same?

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The instructional programs at North Middle School and South Middle School are substantially the same. Each school follows the required New York State curriculum for middle school students which includes units of study in Art, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, Foreign Language (Chinese, French, Latin, Spanish, and Hebrew*), Health, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and Technology. Both schools assign students to a grade-level instructional team which has common teachers for the four core subjects. All 8th grade students take Regents Earth Science for high school credit. Both schools provide the opportunity for acceleration in mathematics (Algebra I) for qualified 8th grade students. Both schools offer a variety of encore/elective courses which are typically available to 8th grade students.

*Hebrew is only offered at North Middle School

The most significant differences in the programs are:

-In 6th grade, North Middle School dedicates two periods of instruction to English/Language Arts/Reading while South Middle School has one period of English/Languages Arts and "a daily flex period in which different areas of study are emphasized based upon team needs."

-South Middle School currently places students into small advisory groups which meet every other week throughout the year.

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The instructional programs at North High School and South High School are also very similar, with each school offering opportunities that effectively meet students' interests and prepare them for their post-secondary lives. At present, some of the differences are:

-The sequence of science offerings. (North High School students begin with Physics while South High School students begin with Biology.)

-The availability of "AP Human Geography" at South High School in place of "9th Grade Global History Honors."

-North High School offers "Community School".

-South High School offers "hands on" technology classes such as woodworking.

-North High School students are permitted to walk to and purchase lunch from nearby establishments.

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