What opportunities are there to visit each school before making a decision?

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Parents/guardians may "virtually" visit our secondary schools for any of the public events that each school hosts throughout the year. (Please see the interactive calendar.) We are not able to accommodate requests for tours or classroom visits as these present interruptions to the instructional process. Likewise, we choose not to host informational meetings about the Optional Zone because:

-The District does not wish to foster a situation which places our secondary settings in competition with each other for student enrollment;

-The middle school and high school websites and this FAQ are informative and contain the information needed to make an Optional Zone decision;

-The wide variety of performance and information events at our secondary schools, including concerts, plays, musicals, PTA meetings, international nights, athletic contests, etc., are open to parents and students and provide the opportunity to get to know the culture of our schools first hand.

-Curricular, co-curricular, and athletic programs at our secondary schools adapt and grow over time based on Department of Education requirements, and student interests and needs. As such, one should not assume a “status quo” with regard to course offerings, activities, clubs, and athletic teams in any of our secondary school settings.

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