Congratulations to the 2019 NH Grad Orchestra and Singers

Congratulations to the 2019 NH Grad Orchestra and Singers 

John L. Miller-Great Neck North HS Symphony Orchestra at Commencement 2019 PART 1

John L. Miller-Great Neck North HS Symphony Orchestra at Commencement 2019 PART 2


James Kinder, Director of Photography

And like some Directors (à la Hitchcock), Kinder likes to make a cameo appearance (see part 2)


2019 GRADS!!

Keep music in your life.  If at all possible, keep playing your instrument.  When you play your instrument in college, you're bound to make more life-long friends!

If you were unable to perform with us because of the Chemistry and/or Physics Regents Exams, I want to say how much I appreciate that some of you attended our rehearsals anyway.  You really helped the freshmen players learn this difficult music and you are among the very dedicated musicians of our program.  THANK YOU!

To the Musicians who played at the NHS Commencement:

What a spectacular way to end an incredible year!  I appreciate that you attended all those rehearsals during your finals and regents exams and spending the first day of your summer vacation making the Commencement extra special for the graduates and their families, our faculty and administration and the entire Board of Education.  Our performance of Dvorak’s New World Symphony, Bernstein’s West Side Story and Shostakovich’s Finale from Symphony No. 5 completely rocked the house! 

The music you played before the ceremony (music composed or performed by John Coltrane) and during the recessional (Celebration!, To Life!, Saturday Night Fever, New York New York) was a perfect ending to a perfect Commencement.  

Teachers, administrators, the staff, students and parents who do not normally attend our concerts were extremely surprised to hear what a fine ensemble you make.  The people who work at Tilles Center (who deal with the finest musicians from the great orchestras of the world), as well as Mr. Robert Zahn and the TV75 crew were also very impressed by your musicianship and discipline.  Each time we were warming up and touching up spots in the rehearsals, you were so intent and focused on our work together that you didn't notice them observing you.   I received many compliments from people who were present at our “open rehearsal” at 8:00 am. 

Our compliments also to Senior Singers and Dr. Levy in their passionate and heartfelt good-bye performance!

 To the Instrumentalists:

As you've heard me say before, every time you pick up your instrument, it's a performance.  You never know when somebody is listening or being moved by your sounds.  You've done so much for so many people this year in the work we've done in class, in the time you've spent practicing alone and in our public performances--live and on TV75.  When the Great Neck residents watch your performances on TV75, they know that their tax dollars are being put to excellent use in our school music program.


I am very proud of what you've accomplished this year.   Look for the daily broadcast of our Commencement performance on Channel 75 this summer!

go to: 1:12:32


I, myself, am very excited about spending my summer rehearsing with fellow musicians and I will keep you posted about my concerts.

July 24, 2019 in Manhattan is one that features several members of the GNPS Faculty! 

SAVE THE DATE: WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 2019 at 6:30 pm!



Have a great summer and email or text me when you hear, sing or play great music! 


Practice when and as much as you can, 


or quit.


Senior Singers



Guest of Honor Dr. William A. Shine



NH Grad Orchestra



Maestra Molly Racsko



Maestro Yoel Hawa



Celli Bassi



Val Hawa Sal Rothbaum






More Violins



Happy Grad Musicians



2019 NH Commencement Audience




59 musicians

38 seniors

21 underclass


Although unable to perform because of the Chemistry and/or Physics Regents on Graduation Day, we were happy to have the presence of

Katherine Smolens Izzy Hidasi, Nora Monasheri, Kevin Khadavi and Daniel Choi 



*Sophia R Askari     

*Lynda Bigio             

*Liorah Felorian      

*Isobelle H (Belle) Lim

*Shannon Liu            

*Sharona Moradi    

Sally Sarker

Adam Tsou

Tiantian Emily Wei

*Rachel You            

Daniel Zeng

*Christopher Lu



Ariella Cohen

*Yoel Hawa

Elizabeth Margiloff

Christopher Matos Suero (Chris)



*Neil Chou                                  

*Emily R Cohen

*Michael Cohenmehr                

Joshua Oken



*Alan Chau

*Etan Y Sedaghatfar



*Sarah R Tang

Kelly Chau

*Zoe Lampione                           

Alice Liu

*Xi (Mandy) Sun

Madeline Yang



Kaiming Zhang

Christine Tiong



*Cody J Yam                              



*Kayla S Yousefzadeh               

*Eyal Hakimi

*Bob Qian

*Joshua B Rothbaum

*Nathaniel Y Sehati  OT

Ashleigh Wong

Brandan Chen



*Frederick N Sion

Jesse Racsko



*Molly Racsko

*Daniel Chitsaz                          



*Daniel Itzkowitz    



*Benjamin S Cohen  

*Jonathan Kirshner 

Emma Sassouni

*Alexander Sum                         

Ilan Greenblatt



*Michelle Goh



*Omeed A Tartak



Preston Chan

*Edrian A Kokhabi                     



*Samuel Calto

*XiKai (Kevin) Liao                  

Sabrina Schlusselberg              

Oscar Wostenholme

*Jacob Landerer                       

*Aaron B Geula                         

*Lucien Wostenholme



* Senior Musician



Joseph Rutkowski

Instrumental Music Director,  John L. Miller - Great Neck North High School

Administrative Teacher-MUSIC, John L. Miller - Great Neck North High School

Tri-M Chapter 2605 Advisor

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Great Neck, NY 11023

(516) 441-4751

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